Adviser's Note - Championing the Climate-Energy Agenda

Adviser's Note - Championing the Climate-Energy Agenda


Ashutosh Misra

India has been making notable progress in Paris Climate commitments and has retained its position among the top-10 in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2021. A fossil fuel imports-dependent (covering 70% demand) India, chasing a $5 trillion economy, has galvanised its renewable energy sector in alignment with its Paris commitments. Its profile has risen dramatically as a global renewable energy hub and as a founding member of the International Solar Alliance.

Leading renewable energy players from around the world have invested into the Indian market. The foreign direct investment inflows during the six months period starting from April to September this year alone reached a total of $ 9.68 billion. Thanks to the domestic policy frameworks, India has emerged as an exemplar of balancing bourgeoning energy needs, industrialisation agenda, and Paris commitments.

Dr. Ashutosh Misra is the CEO and Executive Director of the Institute for Australia India Engagement, Brisbane. He also serves as the Editor in Chief of India News Australia.