Adviser's Note - Green Hydrogen: The Time has Come

Adviser's Note - Green Hydrogen: The Time has Come


Ajay Singh

The dramatic fall in the cost of renewable power brings within reach energy abundance through hydrogen – a proven fuel – from the electrolysis of water. For India and other developing economies in Asia and Africa, this holds out the prospect not only of clean energy but also of energy security and import reduction through indigenous production of fuel.

Hydrogen has long been produced for fertilizer production and oil refining, among other industrial uses. The problem is that most of it is produced from natural gas, oil, and coal via highly CO2-intensive processes, thereby negating the environmental benefits of this fuel and exacerbating import dependency. In contrast, electrolysis - a totally clean process that can be completely localized - can enable a dramatic expansion of hydrogen supply and bring the fuel into mainstream transportation, residential and commercial applications. Moreover, the local manufacture of electrolysers will open up a new line of industrial activity.

Ajay Singh is the Founder and Director of Global Energy, a venture that promotes green hydrogen.