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Adviser's Note- August 2022


Energy Review, Vol 4. Issue 8. 2022

For reaching climate neutrality and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, the global energy system must be reconfigured by enhancing the share of all clean energy solutions. Reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and producing green hydrogen will be critical policy measures that any country will need to consider. Increasing the share of hydrogen in the energy mix could give impetus to the energy transition. Romania, as a member state of the European Union and a signatory to the Paris Agreement, has taken steps to include green hydrogen in its energy mix. This will help in decarbonization of the industrial sector and developing a clean transport solutions. The government schemes aim to promote hydrogen are gaining great importance in the country. These schemes will also benefit from the European Union funds to promote research projects. Romania considers that these ongoing initiatives could help the country limit its dependence on fossil fuels which would contribute to protecting environmental health for the future generations.

(Dr. Lidia Lenuta Balan, Scientific Researcher, European Institute of Romania)


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