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Adviser's Note - December, 2022


Energy Review, Vol 4. Issue 12. 2022

Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As our world is dealing with extreme poverty and inequalities, sustainability has become all the more important, and we realise the need to find newer ways to harmonise ecology with prosperity.

The IFSPD Global Sustainability Report is an effort to look at this harmony from four pillars of impact – Environment, Economy, Society and Governance - mapping the efforts of 76 nations in meeting their present needs without compromising the future. As we looked at the report of IFSPD Global Sustainability Index, we detected a distinct regional pattern. There were four clusters - the top most, almost monopolised by the North and West European nations. The next cluster comprised of a majority of the South and East Europe nations as well as USA and a few South American nations. The third cluster had mostly Balkan nations placed along with representations from South America and Asia. The final cluster was represented mostly by nations from Africa and the Middle East. Unfortunately, across all the clusters, there was a whopping inequality of 37.76 points difference between the top scoring Finland vs. the least scorer Nigeria.

(Mr. Sangeeth Varghese, Founder and Chairman, LeadCap Ventures)


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