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Adviser's Note - January, 2023


Energy Review, Vol 5. Issue 01. 2023

“What a difference a year makes!” – that’s how Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz started his speech in Davos this year. Taking it into perspective and zooming out a bit from the disruptive events of last couple of years, adjusting the focus to see the broader picture one fact is absolutely common and clear to all nations globally: public policy is a tremendous driver towards the clean energy transition.

From regional economic blocks measures like the announced EU hydrogen bank to very country focus policies such as Inflation Reduction Act in the USA the world is testifying how public policy has been increasingly setting foot as enabler of the green shift. It has never been more important than now to establish solid government relations strategies and stakeholder management for securing resilient, safe, fair, transparent and a trustworthy new energy economy and global supply chains.

(Ms. Michelle Duarte, Senior Adviser with Innovation Norway. Views are personal)

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