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Adviser's Note - November, 2022


Energy Review, Vol 4. Issue 11. 2022

We have reached a tipping point of climate awareness for investors, as they are more cognisant now than before in the urgency to act. Investors have an important role to play in engaging with governments and regulators as well as engaging with companies to facilitate this transition. This multi-way dialogue should be a key strategy to sustain the conversation on climate finance.

While there are ample investment opportunities in the transition to net zero, one of the biggest hurdles that investors face is a lack of policy frameworks that allows the easy flow of private capital into climate-related projects at the pace and scale needed to help achieve climate change targets. Addressing the issue of climate change requires a planned, collective, and collaborative effort from governments, corporations, investors, and the broader society.

(Ms Anjali Viswamohanan is Director of Policy, Asia Investor Group on Climate Change, AIGCC)


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