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Adviser's note: February 2022


Guest Advisor: Joanna Kay

Vol 4. Issue 2. February 2022

When Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Simon Kofe, addressed world leaders at the UN Climate Change Summit COP26 he made a powerful statement. Standing knee-deep in rising sea water, he spoke of the challenges facing small island nations and urged immediate action on climate change. Mr. Kofe is not alone. Leaders throughout the Pacific have been calling for climate change action and demanding that big polluters intensify their carbon cuts for the past few decades. As nations continue to roll out their commitments to net-zero carbon emissions, the spotlight on the renewable energy sector has never been brighter. Through renewable energy we can build energy resilience with the deployment of reliable and cost-effective solutions. We must continue to be steadfast in exploring new technologies and leveraging private sector investment. At the International Solar Alliance, our target is to unlock US$1 trillion in solar investments by 2030. That’s a formidable target but one that will bring the world closer to meeting its energy transition needs. In this edition of Energy Review, the three articles explore key trends in the renewable energy sector- obstacles, collaboration and opportunity. These themes will be ever present as we strive to reach our net-zero targets. It will be hard work but it’s within our reach, and we have a moral obligation to nations such as Tuvalu to continue.

(Advisor- Strategy (Asia-Pacific), International Solar Alliance)


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